Monday, October 19, 2009

The Hini

It had to happen eventually. I got a swine flu patient. Now, were I on a medical unit this would be less problematic. But being on the psych unit out patients are always up and around and “in milieu” in psych speak. Which complicates things. And she was coughing on me all day, which complicates things. Thankfully I have managed to maintain my teenage invincibility, so have nothing to worry about.

By the way, I’m back on the psych ward. I really haven’t talked about work these last few months, because I’ve been doing stuff I don’t like. And despite the fact that I made this blog to rant, I prefer not to discuss work when I don’t enjoy it. It already takes up 12 or so hours a day, why let it occupy more by writing about it. But now I’m back on the psych ward, and life is good.

For the first two weeks my attending was on vacation. This was great, because it means sometime in the next ten years I too may be able to go to Italy for two weeks. Unfortunately since there was no attending, they didn’t bother to assign a resident. Which means I got promoted to resident, which was somewhat inconvenient, but somewhat fun. I got to order med students around and do other resident-type things. But the ordering med students around was really the only concrete benefit.

So in summary, I may have the swine flu, but I get to be bossy so it all equals out.


anna. said...

h1n1 is one of those things that i will either never get, or it will totally kill me. but either way, there's nothing i can do about it.

good luck making it out of med school alive ( :

g*na said...

Um..That would be the "H1N1", thank you.