Sunday, October 25, 2009

Girls Will Be Girls

To continue this week’s theme of sounding bitter (but not actually being so), I experienced the triple flakeout this week. None of the flakeouts were particularly heinous, it was simply their proximity that made them noteworthy. And after the first couple it become almost a self-fulfilling prophecy, where I was looking for the next injustice to occur. I also think it’s likely that males flakeout in roughly the same frequency, I just don’t care when they do so don’t note it. In any case, the flakeout marathon:

Thursday – I’m supposed to go shopping for Halloween supplies with Girl Uno. On the way to the store I thought I’d confirm the time/place of our rendezvous, which had previously been established. “That was tonight?” was her response. Yes. “I can’t tonight.” So instead I bought a strobelight on my own. Hopefully it will never flake on me.

Friday – I’m actually with Girl Uno, doing the previously night’s shopping. Girl Dos sends me a text thirty minutes before we’re supposed to meet up for some ice cream exploration. She’s not going to make it. Does she have a legitimate excuse? Yes. It wasn’t “I remembered you were boring, so don’t want to eat delicious frozen desserts in your presence.” But it was still bailing at the last minute. Fortunately I had my strobelight at home to keep me company.

Saturday – Admittedly, this is a bit of a stretch. I needed to find a taker for my roommate’s football ticket. Girl Tres said earlier in the week that she wanted it. Saturday morning she decides that she no longer wants it. So I had to go to the game. I HAD TO GO TO THE GAME! Tragedy.

I’m not mad at any of these girls. They were all minor obligations, with feasible excuses and easy remedies. But the stereotype that girls are fickle and unreliable creatures? Not exactly crumbling.

Side story – my first OSU football game.

I noted during the game that I must be missing the football gene. I just don’t understand the appeal of the game. But I knew this ahead of time. I went for the experience, not for the football. The experience fared decently, but didn’t excel. My favorite part was drunk fans yelling obscenities, which is sadly lacking from watching football at home. At least at my home, but mostly because I don’t care about the outcome enough to yell (or realistically to watch in the first place.) The stadium was neat, the fans were a bit entertaining, the band was ok (they only played Motown, which is far from my favorite genre), and for some reason they kept playing White Stripes. I’m guessing that Jack White isn't the world’s biggest football fan. So, it was a worthwhile experience so I can say I went. But really I would’ve had just as much fun sitting anywhere else with a couple friends, without a football game in front of us. Oh, and the Buckeye’s won. Go Bucks. That’s what you’re supposed to say right?


anna. said...

i can't believe you've never been to an osu football game!! i've only been to one during my college career, but i also go to college in utah.

seven nation army is like the buckeye war cry btw.

and i'm sorry about your flakeouts. i can't say i'm perfect but i know there are lots of girls out there who are trying not to be super-flakes and we are the coolest anyways.

and most girls are more forgetful than flaky. not to excuse anything, but we just don't think so logically like boys do so sometimes we double-book or forget to remember things. so...there's my super-long reply to your blog. hope you're having a fab sunday ( :

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say that men and women are likely equally flaky, you just don't take such offense when boys flake out on you.

Kate said...

I was so proud of you at the game.

Reza said...

Haha girls are flakey. Next time you are with them play maybe by Jack Johnson. And tell them the
song reminds you of them.