Saturday, January 24, 2009

Manuia lou aso fanau

At 3 a child should be able to stand on one foot, ride a tricycle, name 2 colors, follow simple instructions and reliably use plurals. My blog can do none of these things. Evidently it’s developmentally delayed.

That’s right, today is my blog’s 3rd birthday. This is also my 400th post. A convergence of milestones. Does that mean it will be a lucky day? Probably not, since I started it off paying 500 dollars and get to finish it with a wedding reception. But I did eat a delicious croissant in between.

January 24th 2006. It was a different time. I was at BYU, blogging in the Wilk computer lab. Blogging was new and . . . well I was going to say exciting, but I really hope no one ever describes blogging as exciting. Let’s go with entertaining and potentially worthwhile.

In any case, happy birthday blog. At least you’re done with those terrible twos.

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Bec said...

I remember when your blog was born. I remember thinking what a great sense of humor you had naming your child something that most people could hardly pronounce. Look who's laughing now, happy birthday :)