Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's been . . . one week

In my head that title is the first line of One Week by BNL, but I fully understand if the song didn’t start playing in your head when you read it.

It’s been one week since what? The Inauguration of course! A patient today was discussing something that happened last Tuesday (I’m being intentionally vague, sorry, confidentially and such) and said “And he did it on that day of all days!” How dare that individual sully Inauguration Day with whatever behavior I’m not divulging. The nerve.

In any case, Obama’s had a week to do whatever he’s doing. I have no intentions of being an Obama watchdog, primarily because I find him annoying and watching his every move would just be punishing myself. Nor would I expect anyone to get much accomplished in their first week of being President. Except maybe Superman, but that’s not likely to happen. And there’s a good chance that he’d be a Democrat. But I found the following stories interesting in Obama Week One.

Heard this one on NPR on Saturday. Who knew I could get my Daily Show fix by listening to NPR?

Obama and Bush, not so different.

This one was also on NPR, surprisingly. Have they turned conservative?

Obama and bad sportsmanship

Reading CNN to avoid studying I came across this. A surprisingly Foxy report. Foxy referring to FoxNews, not the newswoman. Though she is a brunette . . .

Nevermind those standards

Obviously, Obama’s just a guy. He’s a person, and people make mistakes. And these actions aren’t even mistakes per se. They’re just evidence that, gasp, Obama is a human being. He’s a jerk sometimes, he spouts meaningless rhetoric and makes promises he can’t keep as politicians are wont to do. Support him, don’t support him, but stop telling me he’s perfect. And yes, I’ve had people tell me he’s perfect. And not just people on the psych ward.

But thankfully, I’ve been much less accosted by Obamatics (a term I made up, but then found countless other places on the internet. Dang you angry bloggers!) as of late. But I still found this Onion clip hilarious.

The Onion, sharp as ever

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