Thursday, August 03, 2006

Subaru, more like Superbaru!

I’ve now had my Subaru for a little over a week.  So far so good.  I never really addressed how I came across this vehicle, so will do so now.

I searched the used car market for over a month prior to this purchase.  In this time I’d say that I roughly tripled my knowledge of automobiles.  This proves my initial lack of knowledge much more than my current wealth of it.  But I can now recognize makes and models to a much greater degree and know a bit about the merits of different types.  The end of my month of searching brought me to my Subaru.

Although Hondas and Toyotas have better resale value and reliability ratings, they lack personality.  They’re the default car: the one you’re likely to buy as a reasonably intelligent person without a strong reason to go elsewhere.  You can’t really be a Honda person.  Subarus seem to have a bit more individuality to them.  Not as much personality as a Hummer or Corvette, but an economy amount of it at least.  They’re a bit more alternative than the aforementioned imports, with nearly the same reputation.  Had I found a great deal on a Toyota I would’ve bought it, but I think I’m happier being a Subaru person.  Subaru has Crocodile Dundee.  Who can really compete with that?  

I would have preferred a normal Impreza to my Impreza Outback Sport, but could not find a good deal on one.  I have no particular need for the hatchback space and the sedan does look marginally better.  But the Sport model was a close second and does serve to set me apart from the other Subarus you’ll see on the road, 80 % of which are Legacy Outbacks.  My model balances fuel efficiency with sports performance pretty well, which is important since you can’t really excel at one without hurting the other.  Ideally the car would have had iPod compatibility and a better sound system, along with spinning hubcaps (kidding), but otherwise I’m happy with the package I found.

The car still remains nameless.  Here are some of my current options:

Green Debbie

Mad nerd points if you can identify the source of three or more of these names.  

Song of the moment: “We Share Our Mother’s Health” The Knife


too_intensified said...

I guess you could call me a nerd since I recognize Battlecat, Leela, and Ryoko, but I prefer unusually culturally aware. And I vote for Leela.

Amy-Alisa said...

That's a really long list of names. I feel like a name for a car (if it has one) should just evolve. Maybe have it for at least another week before you settle on one. Get a feel for the car. But I would vote for Yoshi, although that is a much more recognizable charcter than some of the others. What about poor Luigi? He's green.