Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I had an ingenious idea today (I am in med school after all.) I could write my blog entries at home, save them on my nifty new computer and easily shoot them off while at school. It’s the perfect crime.

When last we spoke I had just made the arduous trip to Ohio. The shopping trip that followed was exceedingly more arduous. I spent a day picking up everything under the sun for the new apartment. This isn’t completely true, since Bryce’s mom had come along with him and they had nearly a week start on us. But I had stayed in completely furnished apartments for all of college and now found myself in need of furniture. I brought a recliner and chairs from home, which contributed nicely to our front area. But we spent the day finding a satisfactory bed, desk, bookshelf, lamp etc for my room. I was very glad when we finished by the end of the day.

Orientation started on Wednesday and was both better and worse than I had imagined. There were some entertaining speakers and I did learn some important information. But at three days long it lasted about two days longer than I should have. I greatly rejoiced at the many free meals provided (I just have to ignore the fact that I’m paying 38 K to be here and I get to consider them free) but sadly had no use for the many free drinks. Each night we had a party at a local bar, which got old after one night. I had never been to a bar before, but the one I visited didn’t do much for me.

So I was more than adequately oriented, purchased most of my text books and was generally ready for school to start. Then I had a weekend to fill. Not knowing anyone in Columbus to distract me, I was actually quite productive. I put together all my furniture on Saturday and spent several hours at the DMV. I gave up my NY license and am now officially an Ohioan. The hardest part of the process (other than paying a thousand dollars in car taxes) was taking the driving test. I had thought they’d just assume I could drive, seeing as I have a license, car, 8 years of experience etc. But no, I had to pass their test. Not surprisingly, I’m not terribly familiar with Ohio driving regulations. So I missed several questions about DUI regulations, but otherwise made it through without incident. I was happy to be rid of my old license, which was rather tattered, listed my name as CJ (my DMV worker claimed my full name wouldn’t fit so changed it thus) and had my eye color as grey. My new license is more accurate, though my head is cocked a bit to the side which will annoy me for the next decade or so.

Church was relatively sedate. Not one of those wild off-the-wall Sundays. The ward seems friendly and I’m slowly building my name repertoire. I had realized over the summer how comfortable I was with my Provo ward, which I had stayed in for 3 years. But between the get together I attended Saturday night and church on Sunday I’m slowly acclimating.


too_intensified said...

Did you take the Brown Chair?! If you did, I'm really sad.

Jeanette said...

I get to be in a brand new ward, too, thanks to Corynne (she wanted a new ward), so we'll see how that goes.
I'm hungry, I wish I had 38 thousand dollars in free food...

Ranteumptom said...

I did indeed take "The Brown Chair." Meg was slightly put off that she no longer had a place to stack her Viola stuff, but otherwise I heard no objections. It's now happily being used, which hasn't happened in many years.

Amy-Alisa said...

Good. Mom was worried that you would have a hard time putting things together. But I figured with 4 years of living away from home, a mission under your belt and your massive brain, you ought to be able to follow some instruction manuals. You haven't mentioned your room-mate.