Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm now 1/208 a doctor

So I wrote that last post early last week, but for some reason it didn’t post. But I now have internet at home so only my own schedule and laziness prevent me from writing.

I really liked my first week of school. I’ve been a student for many years now, and am pretty content to stay one for another while yet. The vast majority of this first week was in a large lecture hall, with all 212 of us together.

Sidenote: I’ll give you a brief rundown of our class. The ages range from 41 to 16. Sixteen! you say. Yes, a mere 16. Nothing makes you feel like a loser like having a 16 year old in your class. We spent the first couple days trying to find the kid, but rumor has it that he has deferred for a year so he can finish his PHD before starting med school. Rumor also has it that he has released 2 CDs of piano music, one of which was nominated for a Grammy. We were given a fact sheet for the class and we know that someone released those CDs. I was proud that I made it onto our fact sheet as one of two authors published in nonscientific journals. There are relatively few Mormons in this class, with 9 from BYU, 4 from the U and 3 from Weber state. As far as I can tell the other 8 BYU alums are married, as are two of the Utes and two of the Webers. That leaves only four of us in the singles wards for this year. About half the class is from Ohio and half from elsewhere, with Utah and Michigan being the two runners up.

We’re currently have three classes: embryology, histology and anatomy. Histology has taken up the majority of our time in the first week. This is my least favorite class, mostly because the lecturer is boring and reads from his slides. Also most of the material is review from my neuroanatomy and cell biology classes, which makes it dull. Embryology is harder, but more interesting. I’ve had relatively little of this material so I can pay attention much more easily. Plus the lecturer throws in Prom night jokes, which always helps. The anatomy lectures were fine, but are more interesting now that we’ve started dissecting. Friday was our first day, and I’ll go into more depth about it in the near future.

Perhaps the best thing about the first week was that each club/organization has tried to get us to join. This has meant a lot of free food. Although we did have to eat pizza three days in a row, it was still free. The worst thing was buying our medical equipment. I coughed up 160 bucks for my stethoscope and am still shopping around for my ophthalmoscope. If you’ve got one sitting around let me know. Anything under 400 will make me pretty happy.

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