Monday, August 07, 2006

In One Piece

Today I left for medical school.  I really have zero concept of what medical school will be like yet, so can’t talk about it to any extent.  I can tell you a bit about the trip though.

I put off packing until Saturday, and then stretched it out over Sunday and into Monday morning.  It really shouldn’t have taken that long since half my stuff was still in boxes from my move from Utah, but I am quite talented at procrastinating.  I had some help from certain individuals in delaying this process even beyond my own means which meant that I did get around to leaving NY until noon on Monday instead of 7 or 8 as I had originally planned.

The trip wasn’t terribly exciting.  I had to put aside my beloved iPod since my FM transmitter has yet to come in the mail.  This meant I had to resort to playing CDs (oh the humanity!) limiting my selection several hundredfold.  I’m simultaneously going through several music phases right now which resulted in some very strange mix CDs.  These various genres include alterna-folk (The Beautiful South and The Weepies) Brit-hop (The Streets and Lady Sovereign) and Nerd-hop (The Knives and MC Lars).  Thankfully I had no passengers in the car as they would probably have gone insane.  I also listened to a comedy album by Mike Birbiglia which was quite funny and munched on some delicious oatmeal chocolate/peanutbutter chip cookies.  Combine these experiences with the fact that I did not crash into anyone and was not crashed into (two staples of past roadtrips) and I considered it a successful day.

I unpacked my still unnamed car, along with my mom’s minivan, which arrived about an hour later, with the help of my new compadre Bryce.  I’m currently too lazy to look up how to spell compadre, so that’s what we’re going with.  Again my naming guidelines on my blog are extremely arbitrary so Bryce is getting named and my cookie provider isn’t.  Besides being from Utah and going to the U, he seems like a good guy.  

Tomorrow is a shopping spree, which may be quite painful.  Wednesday through Friday is orientation, which may also induce a great deal of pain.  How exciting!  

Song of the moment: “Mushaboom” by Feist (Postal Service remix)


Amy-Alisa said...

Why did you leave Mom behind?

Erin said...

Congrats on starting a new phase and good luck settling in! So you settled on the apartment with the Mormon and closer to the other Mormons?

I would be interested to hear the Postal Service remix of 'Mushaboom'...