Sunday, August 27, 2006

Movie Magic

They announced our ward film festival today.  As much as I enjoy making movies, I have yet to get myself motivated to make one when I haven’t had a venue to show it.  So this will probably be the only time during the year when I’m likely to make one.  The problem is the requirements of this festival.  First, there’s a five minute time limit.  Not that I’ve ever listened to time limits, but that is sure limiting.  Second, you sign up for a category of movie and you make the movie with everyone else that signs up for that category.  Teamwork?  I’m not into that junk.  Third, these are the categories:

Based on a Book

How in the world do you make a five minute Horror movie for Mormons with zero budget?  How do a bunch of Americans make a foreign movie?  Who wants to watch an amateur historical film?  This festival has serious issues.

Poll of the day: Which category should I sign up for?  Should I stick with comedy?  Should I sign up for historical and just make it a comedy?  Should I wise up and spend more time studying anatomy?


Amy-Alisa said...

I wouldn't sign up for Comedy becuase you know it's going to be popular and lots of people will sign up for it. I would advise that you go with Hitorical and make it funny ala 'Best in Show' style. Although you might get a lot of nerds in that group.

Jeanette said...

Go with silent. That'd be cool, plus odds are not many people would want to do it, you can have a wicked cool soundtrack, and you could dress up as a mime if you wanted to.

Emily said...

I would also try for a category without many other people but get real: you are in a singles ward and the purpose is to get you to know other people.

Foreign could have a lot of interpretations....