Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stopping the Insanity, By Starting More

I just realized that anyone coming across my blog would think it’s a Star Trek fanfiction blog, and I can’t have that.

As a new feature of my blog:


Firstly, I’ve been online dating. A large part of my relative silence these last months has been due to dating. The first half of the negligent period was because I was dating someone and allocating all my free time to her. The latter portion was primarily because I was depressed after we parted ways. They say that you need ½ the time of a relationship to get over it (they being romance scientists) but I’ve generally needed longer.

In any case, my grieving period was superimposed on top of turning 31, another milestone of dating failure and the whole situation has put me off the concept of meeting people and seeing if we like each other and forming relationships.

Enter online dating. Now I can browse people, almost never meet them and have little confidence if I do or do not actually like them. Improvement? No. But it has been entertaining when it hasn’t been depressing.

I took a shotgun approach. I found some good deals on eHarmony and LDSPlanet. I signed up for okcupid because it’s free, and reactivated my LDSlinkup account from years ago because it is also free. I also signed up for Tinder because it’s free and fairly entertaining. So at some point each day I try to make the rounds through these various sites. Nothing’s really come of it yet, but I’ll try to provide some amusing stories and observations through this new feature of STOOD.

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