Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A New Wednesday Tradition

Alien beings, Cardassians, do everything for great honor. In juxtaposition, Kardashians love money, nonstop objectification, publicity. Quite rightly some Trekkies, understanding values, would Xanax, yielding zen. 

that TNG
could be as
good as TOS.
The same with
DS9. But         any
show                  trek
is a                           *!

Sonnet for Star Trek

Data himself could not measure the love
Held in my heart, even with his positronic brain.
More than the space between the stars above,
More than I want to see Wrath of Khan again.

More than a Ferengi loves his money.
More than a Vulcan loves his reason.
More than a Ferengi’s ears look funny.
More than Deep Space Nine’s final season.

If my love were a warp, it’d be warp 10.
Were it a phaser, it wouldn’t be set to stun.
It would phase so hard it could kill 10 men,
Or if they were Borg, maybe 2 or 1.

Enter this prize, this federation
Of 2 hearts, joined in adoration.

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