Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Nerdiest Post Ever?

I know, that's a tall order.

A friend hosts a monthlyish writing group. As I have become nearly incapable of writing without a deadline it is an opportunity for me to come up with some twisted thing that otherwise wouldn't be unleashed upon the world due to my laziness. This month's prompt was Star Trek Poetry. There was a contest to see who could come up with the most poems, so naturally I let my imagination run wild. I ended up with 15 poems, ranging from bad to horrible, but that was the whole idea of the night.

Fifteen is really far too much poetry to inflict upon you at once, so I'll spread them out over the coming weeks.

There once was a woman from Star Fleet
Who abhorred all things crass or effete.
She loved cleanliness and good
But rumor was that she would
Mess around if the messing was neat.

Romulans are treacherous.
Klingons are violent.
Wesley Crusher is best
When Wesley is silent.

Oh Captain My Captain (if only)

“Make it so” was all it took
Even if the ship rattled and shook
Each hand on deck did their part
The captain’s words made them start.

“Engage” he said and it was so.
No matter what the ship would go.
He didn’t need to shout “I’m the boss!”
His fingers he did not need to cross.

I’d shave my head, wax it too,
I’d become French, if I needed to,
I’d wear that uniform, just so you know,
To engage to you, I’d make it so.

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Amy-Alisa said...

Ah, Wesley. I laughed out loud. I like them all.