Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Trek Poems (back with no popular demand)

Interchangeable, expendable
Perishing, expiring, dying
Too bad, so sad

That J.J. Abrams
Must have a demonic deal.
Star Trek AND Star Wars?

The final frontier.
Where no man has gone before.
Love, a strange new world.

All Together Alone

Alone he stands on the bridge
His manner cool as a fridge
So sharp, but unable to grasp this notion
That humanity is about emotion
Spock stands alone.

Alone he stands in the fleet
The only AI in all the meat
Superior in almost every way
But discontent at the end of the day
Data stands alone.

Alone he stands in the station
One of his kind in all creation
He can take any shape, but would chuck it
If only he didn’t have to sleep in a bucket
Odo stands alone.

Alone she stands in the Quadrant Delta
Flirt your best but she wouldn’t have felt ya
Assimilate was what she couldn’t do
Her resistance was futile, but all she knew
7 of 9 stands alone.

Alone I stand, in my mother’s basement
I haven’t yet found a good replacement
One who cares about what I care about
And cares for me too, and draws me out
I stand alone.

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Amy-Alisa said...

I liked these too. Maybe you've found your genre.