Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My kind of Democracy

A couple weeks ago I found $134 dollars in my junkmail. No joke. Stranger still, that $134 windfall was distributed over 4 different letters, that were all on the way to my trash. Unfortunately with my frugal mind I just got frustrated thinking of all the money I may have thrown away in the past. But I tried to focus on this new unexpected treat.

Five of those one hundred and thirty four dollars came from the Nielsen Media Research Group. They sent five lightly-used dollar bills in an envelope (which I thought was odd, both that it wasn’t a fiver and that it wasn’t crisp) in return for completing a survey. Heck, I would have done Nielsen survey for free.

On Sunday I got a call during church from an unknown number. Seeing as I was about to enlighten my congregation as to how many unicorn references there are in the Bible (9) I ignored it. But when I called it later I discovered it was the kind people of Nielsen. Curses! I’d missed my chance.

But they called me back last night. I am now a trial member of the Nielsen Research Group. It’s kind of sad how excited I am about this. But my television viewing habits will now count for something. Maybe I can save Fringe. Maybe I can kill reality tv. In the very least I’m going to keep getting strange dollar bills in the mail.

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