Sunday, May 02, 2010

Definitely, Definitely

I feel like Rainman when I go shopping. I think the problem is that I lack opinions strong enough about the clothing that I can point out exactly what I want, but I have enough of an opinion that I can’t just get anything. Which leads to a long internal dialogue.

“I need some new shorts, especially since I’m moving to the sun. Are these good prices for shorts? It’s been so long since I’ve bought any, and it doesn’t seem very well standardized. What color are the shorts I have? Mostly khaki I guess. What color do I imagine myself wearing? Khaki I guess. But I already have khaki. These are orange; I don’t have orange. Would I wear orange? Do I not own any orange shorts because I’m normal, or because I’m boring? How do I feel about people that wear orange shorts? I don’t feel any particular way about people that wear orange shorts.”

I now own a pair of orange shorts. Because I'm fun and spontaneous. Or if you don't like them, because they were on sale.


Amy-Alisa said...

I am an incredibly indecisive person. We should never go shopping together. I also have a pair of orange shorts. Take that any way you like. I also got them on sale.

Michelle! said...

It depends on the orange. Day-glo, rust, pumpkin? This is important Chris.