Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What are we doing tonight Brain?

The reason Denmark hasn't been able to take over the world: music.

Name a Danish band.


Unfortunately, you can name some. They’re just embarrassing.

This band is Danish.

This band is Danish.
You probably thought it was the first band, but in fact it’s a separate Danish band that sounds exactly like the first band.

This band is Danish. It’s kind of like the first two, but a decade less annoying.

This is the best Danish band I could find.
And they’re pretty mediocre.

If you’re too lazy to follow the links, it was Aqua, Toybox, Junior Senior and The Raveonettes.

There are other bands. Like other Scandinavian countries, Denmark has thriving Death Metal and Black Metal scenes. Feel free to investigate those on your own time.

Danes, we’ll never conquer the world until we stop making sugar pop and death metal. I propose every death metal band must merge with a sugar pop group. The results couldn’t be any worse than what we’ve made thus far.


Michelle! said...

I consider Junior Senior and the Ravonettes to be legit, though not epic.

Ranteumptom said...

Agreed. The Ravonettes were probably in my top 50 last year, and I'm quite fond of Junior Senior. But what Denmark needs is an Elvis/Beatles/Miley Cyrus.