Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Common ground: you’re both annoying

If you hadn’t picked up on it in previous posts, I don’t like Obama. He annoys me. Democrats annoy me. Unfortunately, Republicans annoy me too. Which pretty well leaves me annoyed.

Republicans: There’s nothing wrong with the president speaking to school kids. Your moral outrage isn’t justified by this basic concept.

Democrats: Get off your high horse. You protested when Papa Bush did the same thing, and when the great satan Reagan did it. If it was wrong then, it’s wrong now. Obviously vice versa is true. If it was okay for Bush and Reagan to do it, Republicans shouldn’t have a fit now.

Republicans: Read the speech, there’s nothing wrong in it. No I don’t think it’s amazing, but Obama is probably never going to impress me.

Democrats: The lesson plans? Yeah, those were a misstep, at best. You shouldn’t be asking kids what they are going to do to help Obama. Obama is there to help them. The president is a servant, we’re not his.

Republicans: You can’t be constantly enraged. If you’re mad about every little thing Obama does, it’s going to be a sucky 3-7 years for you. And the independents aren’t going to listen when you have something more substantial to gripe about. You’re going to be the little boy that cried mofo.

Democrats: Yeah, the lesson plans were poor wording on an optional lesson plan. But the reason the Republicans are mad is because it’s an example of the cult of personality developing around your guy. I think a more blatant example is this video. Doing the things the celebrities advocate: fine. Serving the nation: fine. Pledging to Obama: not fine. And celebrities, shut up. Go make movies, not youtube videos. Except you Jason Bateman, you’re still awesome and can do whatever you want.

Anyway, hopefully I was equally annoying to both parties. I think the best way to get people involved, and “be the change” is to make the whole process more inviting.


esodhiambo said...

Have you seen the footage of Bush's speech where he says (paraphrase) "Kids: write me a letter and tell me how you can help me accomplish our goals"? It is exactly the same thing Republicans and you found so outrageous in the lesson plan. It makes me laugh.

Glad you are equal opportunity annoyed.

Ranteumptom said...

Sorry you missed the point.

anna. said...

i love and hate politics. i realize its importance in everyday life, but rarely fully agree with anyone on anything. maybe if i was being bribed by other third-party organizations too, i could choose a side...

Ranteumptom said...

I think you're on to something. We need lobbyists for the public. That would make the whole thing more palatable.