Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick Emmy Follow-up

Some years I’ve done an in depth “Who Should Have Won the Emmy” but not this year.

I’m happy for:
Mad Men, I should probably put it higher on my to-watch list.
30 Rock. They deserve their props.
Bryan Cranston is terrific in Breaking Bad.
Michael Emerson kicked the tar out of his category.
Alec Baldwin has problems, but dang is he funny. Sorry for losing Jemaine.
Good going Kristin Chenoweth. Daisies was great, but you were the best part.
John Hodgeman, for getting some national spotlight.
Sarah Silverman's mustache.
NPH for getting the popular vote.

I’m sad for:

I didn’t think Family Guy was the best comedy, but I like to cheer for the animated shows.
Conchords, I’d be more sad if your second season were as good as the first.
Michael C. Hall and Gabriel Byrne deserve awards.
House. But really, would House want to win any awards?
NPH for not winning his category officially. Long live Barney Stinson.

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