Monday, August 17, 2009

Speak now . . .

or you won't get a vote.

It's that time again; another opportunity to contribute to my wardrobe. Of course you'd love to say "wear fewer t-shirts." But that's not an option. I found the following t-shirt and must buy it:

1. I love Kierkegaard (not really)
2. I need more t-shirts (not really)
3. We have the same hair!

That must be Danish genius hair.

Anyway, to justify shipping costs I need to buy another t-shirt. Vote on one of the following:

All shirts provided by Amorphia Apparel.

Sale ends 8/21, so all votes must be received by that point or be rendered irrelevant.


Anonymous said...

The monocle one.

Ranteumptom said...

That's not just a monocle, that's a Groundhog wearing a top hat and monocle. You can buy a shirt with any animal wearing a top hat and monocle. I love the future.

Lindsay Anne said...

Definitely the groundhog one. Hands down.

Amy-Alisa said...

Luke likes the robot

Anonymous said...

Definitely the blue groundhog with the cane.

Eric said...

Groundhog was comedic, but a robot AND an electric guitar? Go for Science!
- Eric

Michelle! said...

I like heaven is boring. Although I really hope to sleep on a cloud and throw paper planes in the next life.