Sunday, August 09, 2009

All's Fair

I went to the Ohio State Fair yesterday. Normally I don't frequent fairs. They seem like hot and sweaty congregations of overpriced rides and fried food. Which is pretty accurate.

1. Roller Freaking Derby - I actually decided to go to the fair entirely to see the Roller Derby. I'm working on my Redneck Pentathlon (which I just made up btw.) I now have Demolition Derby and Roller Derby checked off. Just Rodeo, Monster Truck and Nascar left to go. Anyway, it was entertaining. Fewer catfights that I'd expected (ie zero) and I still don't understand the rules, but whatever. There were fishnets, tattoos and ridiculous punny nicknames.
2. Rabbit Costuming Contest - That's right. Imagine it in your head, and that's what it was like. Plus a rabbit in a Wonder Woman costume.
3. Pig Races - Again, imagine it in your head. That's what it was.
4. Mullet sightings - kind of what state fairs are for.
5. Funnel Cake - it made the donut I ate today feel like health food.

1. Monkey Show - not as good as you'd imagine. The baboon just wasn't talented enough.
2. Fried pickle - I didn't get one. The line was too long and the Funnel Cake was calling my name.
3. The Annoying Kid Who Sat Next To Me On The Inverter And Kept Whining That He Didn't Want To Be On The Ride Anymore - that one.
4. Creepy Age Guessers - seriously, nightmares. That's a horror movie waiting to be made.

5:4 Highlights Win. Guess it was good use of time.


esodhiambo said...

That sounds a lot more entertaining than the last state fair I attended.

ahem--no link love? Have you kicked me out of your family?

Michelle! said...

I think you should put crying kid in the highlights section, he made that ride was 10xs funnier. Omg