Tuesday, April 21, 2009

That guy

I have black sheets.

I'm not entirely sure there is any stereotype associated with black sheets, but I kind of feel like they fall into the same category as having a mirror on your ceiling, or having a heart shaped bed.

I justify my black sheets with the following justifications:

1. They cost 5 dollars less than the white sheets.
2. They are made from Jersey Knit, which the box accurately, if simplistically, described as "feels like t-shirt material." I now get to add my bed to my t-shirt collection.
3. I don't care what people think.

The best reason of course is the fact that my sheets were mysteriously slashed some time ago. I fixed this in the manliest manner possible: duct tape. Ridiculous? Yes. Effective? Yes. In fact I even washed my sheets, with them duct taped together, and the tape survived the washing process. Amazing. But eventually I decided it was time to replace my slashed/taped sheets. I had no intention on buying black ones, but I just couldn't argue with the logic.

Because there's no way a heart shaped bed would fit in my room.

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esodhiambo said...

RE: slashing: creepy.