Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't call it a comeback

That may be the first and last time I’ll ever quote LL Cool J.

Do you think LL Cool J gets recognized walking down the street? And if so, does he get recognized for being a rapper, or the army guy from Toys? What do you think it would be like, waking up every morning as LL Cool J? What does a celebrity of that caliber do on a daily basis? I think with wise investing he’d be set for life, but these guys never seem to have wise investing. And most importantly of all, does he actually refer to himself as LL Cool J in his head? If so, kudos to him. If I ever meet him I’m just going to call him Jimmy.

So, I’m pretty much the same I was a month ago. Did you enjoy my April Fools joke? I made a post with no text and no title. I’m sure the only ones that noticed were the ones that use Google Reader, who suddenly had an nonexistent update. Otherwise things are the same around here.

I did have more free time during Lent. But the blog reading was the time saver, not the blog writing. I generally write blog entries in my head during the day and it only takes a few minutes to pound them down when I’m at a computer at night. So that probably saved me 3 hours over the last month. Blog reading is the real time killer. Unfortunately I compensated by reading more Wikipedia/craigslist/CNN articles. And really, I don’t consider myself better educated for it. So, generally speaking, I’m back to square one.

So today’s entry is this: Feaster

I threw a party yesterday. I’m extremely ambivalent about such things these days. I threw an excellent Bacon a couple weeks back, and I think it gave me false expectations. The combination of eating bacon wrapped water chestnuts and watching Jim Gaffigan was just too enjoyable, and made me think I needed to throw more such events. So I threw another yesterday, primarily because I liked the wordplay of having a feast on Easter and calling it Feaster. Wordplay is never a reason to throw a party folks.

Lest people who were there be offended, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the gathering. We gathered, we had Easter dinner, I liked a high percentage of the people in attendance. Success, more or less. I just didn’t need a party. I’ve discovered that I like the clique.

In high school I was still parting my hair, so obviously I wasn’t very popular. I actually don’t remember what I was doing with my hair, nor do I have any pictures, so if you knew me then let me know. In any case I was popular enough to get invited to things. And I prided myself in being in the center of a venn diagram. I could hang with the church people, the hyper-nerds, the cool nerds, and the punks. Each social circle had some overlap with another, but they were all different groups. And I liked that. I liked that could hang out with one group, then another, and never feel restricted to one group of people.

Now (and I realize there’s a 9 year gap between then and now) I don’t value that as much. Sure, variety is nice, but I guess I don’t value the versatility quite as much as I once did.

If I wanted to be part of a lot of circles, Feaster would’ve been great. There were a lot of people, from a lot of different circles. And like I said, they were quality folks. And I had fun. But I’ve had a lot more fun with just a car load of people. Maybe that’s the line these days. If there are more people than can fit in a car, people can be cut.

That sounds mean.

It sounds like me.

Until I decide I want to have a BBQ on top of a parking garage. Which I want to have. Then I’ll end up inviting tons of people again.

Here's some Jim to make you forget that I'm a jerk:

Waffle House

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Stephanie said...

1) I didn't know you had a blog. I know you're trying to cut down, so no pressure to read mine. 2) I can see why you stopped inviting me to things 3)Remember when that lady you grew up with didn't remember you because she said you lost a bunch of weight? Did that affect your high school hang outs?