Friday, April 17, 2009

Rapid Reviews

If you thought Monday's post was disjointed (and you’d be right) just check out this one:

One sentence reviews!

Jim Gaffigan: King Baby -- Not quite as funny as his previous comedy special, but the jokes came faster, thus more laughs were attained overall.

Guster in concert -- I haven’t listened to Guster in 10 years, but I could hardly say no to 2 dollar concert tickets, and boy did I get my money’s worth because it was easily worth 3 dollars.

Adventureland -- I like my dramedys 50/50, and this was 80% drama, 20% comedy, so this was lopsided, but enjoyable

Observe and Report -- Dark and hilarious, with some surprisingly deep elements.

Futurama: Wild Green Yonder -- I wish these Futurama movies were better, but on the plus side I do get to watch brand new Futurama.

Better Off Ted -- Even though I’m 2 months behind on my Tivo, this has still been a worthwhile addition.

Parks and Recreation -- I’ve liked Poehler since The Upright Citizen’s Brigade, but the first episode didn’t do much for me; however, it has Rashida Jones so will get at least one more chance to fly.

Pediatrics -- I can handle these babies, but I don’t have to like it.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: It’s Blitz -- I’ve never been a huge fan, but I’m liking this new album a lot.

M. Ward Hold Time -- Him of She and Him, and it’s a fun album.

Meet the Eels -- I heard a couple new Eels songs at a dance recital last month and have been jamming to them ever since.

Lily Allen: It’s Not Me It’s You -- Keep trying Lily; your first album was a lot more fun

Kari’s Chris Mix -- A friend made me a ChrisMix for my birthday, which is chock full of stuff that I probably would never have picked out, but have ended up loving.

I Love You, Man -- It’s hard not to like a movie where you like every single actor involved, and indeed I did like this one a lot.

Flight of the Conchords: Season 2 -- The songs are technically better, but not as much fun, making this season good, maybe even great, but not super great.

Wolverine -- Yes I saw the leaked Wolverine movie, so evidently am Satan; Satan must waste a lot of time watching mediocre movies.

Battlestar Galactica Series Finale -- I had an awesome anti-social night of watching 3 hours of Battlestar, and it was probably the best night I had that week.

Last week’s controversial House episode -- I don’t care why the actor did what he did, the episode worked for me on every level.



mallory said...

Guster? Are you serious? I always held you so high on my music appreciation pedestal.

mallory said...

Oh, wait. I'm just kidding. I love Guster. I was thinking you said Hinder. I hate that group...

What time is it?

esodhiambo said...

Don't blame the dog. Blame Stone Phillips (does he still work? I never watch NBC).

Erin said...

I really enjoy Better Off Ted, but I had to choose not to commit to Parks and Recreation - my apologies to Amy Poehler.