Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chris Mixtape Matrix

I developed a complex algorithm that allows me to create a perfect mixtape for any individual. It's patented, you can't use it. It goes something like this (but looks prettier on paper):

That wasn't an emoticon, just a parenthesis followed by a colon.

What's your name?




Favorite Color:




You need to get pumped for a test/interview/date. What do you listen to?

Name 3 bands you love




Please rank the following:


Reggae ____

Hair Metal ____

Bluegrass ____

Trance ____

New Wave ____

Alternafolk ____

Mashup ____

J-Pop ____

Baroque ____

Bhangra ____

Top 3 Songs



What's your favorite dance?



Favorite Comedy:


Guilty Pleasure:

What's your favorite season?

Are the following ever acceptable?

Country Y N

Rap Y N

Techno Y N

Yanni Y N

A Cappella Y N

Name a song you like


On the radio:

From the 60s:



Are you an Indie Kid?

What's the last CD you bought?

Your cat just died. What do you listen to?

If you could seduce the ambassador of any nation, which would it be?

Sweetest music video



Favorite ½ show:

Hour-long show:

Theme song:

What's the last song you downloaded?


Do you realize that David Bowie is awesome?

What's the last play you saw?

Essay Section:

Who's the greatest band I haven't heard of?


Languages you speak:


Languages you like:


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