Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bon Mardi Gras

I had the worst King Cake of my life today. Admittedly, all previous instances of King Cake were before the age of 6, and thus all cakes were rated pretty highly. Shame on you Kroger, for producing such a mediocre King Cake. But seeing as I bought it just so I could have the plastic baby for my own cake, I'll hold no grudge.

My attending is a good man, and a good doctor. But he has horrible taste in donuts. For starters, Tim Hortons is never the answer. But I understand the convenience factor. A bigger insight into his lack of donut-picking skills: a dozen plain cake donuts. Really? That seemed like a good idea? I'll just pretend that since they don't taste that good, they're not that bad for me. Almost certainly not true.

And because I like having 3 points, Paczki are delicious. I haven't had one in a year, but they're Polish donuts, served on Fat Tuesday. I'll likely pick some up from store tomorrow when they're practically free (it no longer being Fat Tuesday.)


Valerie. said...

i love tim horton's donuts.
what's more, i love the chocolate cake donuts from tim hortons.
you're a fool if you think another donut place can do it better.
tim hortons is canadian...
which as we all know is where donuts were invented.
thus proving that tim hortons is the world's leading expert on donut making.

Amy-Alisa said...

I'm making a king cake Sunday, wish me luck. I don't remember where I got them, but I have a whole bag of tiny plastic babies. I just remember them as being really good. The last one I made was basically just a large cinnamon roll with colored icing, which was fine, but didn't seem quite right. I'm trying a recipe from Emeril, so hopefully it will be a tad more authentic.