Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I'm too tired to write an actual entry tonight (screw you 15 hour days w/ no lunch), but I've had a couple requests for the lyrics of The Ex-Girlfriend Choir. So here they are:

C: Lorretta broke it off in a letter, she told me she was leavin and her life would be better
Joan broke up with me over the phone, after the tone she left me alone.
Jenn said she'd never ever see me again, when I saw her again, she said it again.
Fran met another man.
Lisa got amnesia and forgot who I am.
Felicity said there was no electricity, Emily, no chemistry.
Jan ran, Beth left, Flo had to go I couldn't go with the flow.
C/P :Carol Brown just took a bus out of town...
C: But I'm hoping that you'll stick around.


C: Kate Wallace, wants a guy that is flawless
I told her that I was, but she dumped me regardless
I thought, it was going well,
but then Michelle said go to Dayton.
Laura, looked at me and just said next
Kari didn’t call, she said no by text
Kristen, said I didn’t listen
Or something I’m not sure, I was watching The Simpsons.
Dorotty dumped me with authority
Candace, with malice
Neuenswanders, I tried all 3
The whole family wants not to be with me
C/P :Merideth Brown took Skybus out of town...
C: But I'm hoping that you'll stick around.

P: He cannot cook he is not good boyfriend material.
C: We can eat cereal.
P: He'll lose interest fast, his relationships never last.
C: Shut up girlfriends from the past.
P: He's irresponsible, he almost never does his hometeaching.
C: Mmmmmmm who organized these girls into a choir and asked them to sing?
P: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaah

C: Nikki, well Nikki kicked me
Dan turned out to be a man.
Kelsi, Chelsea, Brandy and Mandy, I’ve got a long list of girls that can’t stand me.
Summer lovin, had me a blast
Summer lovin, it was gone so fast
C/P: Annie Blam flew to Vietnam.

C: Love is a delicate thing, it could just float away on a breeze.
P: He said the same thing to me.
C: How will we ever know if we found the right person in this world?
P: He means he looks at other girls.
C: Love is a mystery it does not follow the rules.
P: This guy is a fool.
C: Shut up girlfriends from the past choir.
P: He's a tool.
C: Shut up girlfriends from the past choir.
P: He is just a boy he is a man who never grew up!
C: I thought I told you to shutup.
P: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

C: Sharaya, turned out to be a playa
I can't believe you betrayed me Dan!
Ooooooh who organized all these girls into a choir, was it you Merideth Brown, was it you Carol Brown?
C/P: Carol brown just took a bus out of town.
C: But I'm hoping that you'll stick around.

Also, here's the version of the song we heard here in Columbus:

Conchord Goodness

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