Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monty, Me and Markers

If I were not a med student, something else I’d like to be. If I were not a med student a graphic designer me.

Yes, I realize none of you got that reference. If you’d like to you can:
Watch this Monty Python Clip
Afterwards you can watch famous comedians tell why they love Monty Python
Then watch the full Monty Python sketch if you were converted

And actually, I’d probably be a writer. And after that probably an advertising consultant. But after that a graphic designer.

I like designing things; even mundane ones. Flyers. I kind of like making flyers. But it’s certainly more fun when I’m designing something for myself. Here are a couple ChrisMix covers:

Love Sucks Six is Saturday, and this is the logo:

Here’s a chronology of past logos:

Failing at my first 3 careers wouldn’t be so bad. Assuming people will hire me to make logos for parties.

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