Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Arrivals

I walked in today to discover that I was no longer the new guy at the pharmacy.  The new guy was in fact a girl, so I remain the lone male among the pharmacy technicians.  This fact really has no relevance to anything, except perhaps as a commentary on social trends (all the pharmacists are male, all the technicians are female) and a contributing factor to why patients often think that I’m a pharmacist.  

In any case the newbie is Gwen, and she’s close to my age which is a nice bit of variety to the office.  She’s going to Physician Assistant school in the fall so we’re in roughly the same boat.  She’s only here for two weeks, after which I’ll once again be the new guy.  For now I’ll just be the male guy.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything regarding my life, which is quite boring at the moment.  I know I know, it’s usually so thrilling.  I’m pretty decided upon an apartment in Columbus, but need to finalize it.  I’m pretty decided upon a car, but need to finalize it.  It’s a 2004 Dodge Stratus which my church is selling for 7 thousand.  It’s not the car I was originally looking for, but it seems like a good deal.  I drove a Stratus for four months in Idaho and quite liked it.  We’ll see if I commit to spending my life savings on it this week.  

With all the important things I have to be deciding, I spent an hour the other day looking into having a t-shirt made.  I’m quite enamored with having a shirt that says “Kiss me I’m Danish” on it, most likely with a Danish flag on the back.  I designed one online (www.spreadshirt.com) and looked around at several local places to have it made.  But inspiration hit me today to actually google the phrase and I came up with this site that already has my genius shirt http://www.cafepress.com/kissmeim2.42817753 .  Of course this greatly decreases my desire to have one, but I may still order it.

I think my Sunday School class is going well.  It’s pretty hard to judge these things.  You’re always going to have people come, so turnout really isn’t really an indication.  People will always tell you they liked the lesson, no matter how bad it was.  It’s just required after someone gives a lesson or talk that you compliment them on it.  So my only real indication is how many awkward silences I get during the course of the lesson.  I’ve gone from several, to few, to none this week.  This was pretty remarkable considering the fact that I played rock music in the chapel as part of the lesson.  But my goal is to make the Old Testament interesting, and I think music, jokes and candy are combining for that effect, with a bit of doctrine thrown in for good measure.

My social life isn’t the best it’s ever been, but it’s certainly better than it was a month ago.  I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with a girl who shall remain nameless for her own protection.  In case you’re wondering Gwen doesn’t receive that same benefit because I’m quite confident that she will never read this.  Furthermore she’s not nearly as cute.  I’m not sure where things will go with the nonpharmaceutical new girl.  Only time will tell.  It’s unfortunate that there is so little of it left.

Song of the moment: “Break Your Neck” Busta Rhymes


Jeanette said...

I want a "Kiss Me, I'm Danish" shirt to add to my Scandanavian collection... it'd be sweet.
My brother is dating a girl: he's in Flordia in the Navy, she's in Georgia going to school. Maybe it can work for you...?

Erin said...

As a fellow Sunday School teacher, I'm curious - what rock song did you play, and in relation to which lesson?