Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Further Musings Upon My Future Home

Well, both girls and fireworks distracted me so sorry to keep you in suspense.  Not that I have a particular message this evening, but I know it’s always painful to have those postless days.

So I think I have a place to live for the year.  After spending the vast majority of my time looking for housing immediately adjacent to the school, I think I’ll accept an offer that’s a five minute drive away.  Proximity has always been a very high ideal for me; at BYU I always lived a seven minute walk from my classes.  So I was sorely tempted to pick a place that was similarly close to the hospital.  However the downside of that area is the possibility of being shot on that five minute walk.  The area by the hospital is not the best part of town, which is probably why there are abundant vacancies.  To compound my indecisiveness, this area also had the best rents.  I could be living in a house for 255 a month!  I’d even be living with other med and graduate students.  However they wouldn’t be Mormon.  In fact the particular house I was looking at was a med student, his girlfriend, and her friend, plus the lucky fourth roomy.  I don’t think I really want to live with a couple.  

So this makes me think I’ll live at the Campus Colony.  A five minute drive to the parking area, plus five minutes to class is a pretty reasonable commute.  The Colony is in a nicer part of town, just across the river.  The rent is higher, about 360.  But I’d only have one roommate, and I already have a guy from Utah that wants me to live with him.  I think it would be pretty convenient to live with an LDS med student who is also starting his first year.  Unless he’s no good to mooch off of, in which case he won’t do me much good.  The place is described as Little Provo, which isn’t exactly what I’m looking for.  But I certainly think it would be convenient to have a dozen or so church members in the complex.  It could be a good transition phase from being surrounded by them for the last three years and being in the real world for the rest of my life.  

I quite liked Columbus.  It seems clean and easy to get around in.  It manages to both have the college-town feel of cities such as Provo, while also having the size and variety of a full-blown city like Rochester.  The frat houses will take some getting used to, but I suspect I won’t even notice the beer bottles soon.  I think I do prefer the University of Rochester slightly over Ohio State, but I like Columbus more than Rochester.  I can definitely see myself living there, whereas I had trouble imagining living at home for four years.  Even living in the same city would’ve been a bit strange.  But I think Columbus will do the trick, especially if I get myself to care about Buckeyes.  

Song of the moment: “Orange Crush” Snapdragon

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Amy-Alisa said...

Hmmm, "girls" plural, or just a girl. I have been hearing rumors and am dissapointed you haven't mentioned anything on your blog about her yet.