Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Chris by any other name

Every move is another chance to redefine yourself.  Not that I often take advantage of this.  But as I prepare to move to Ohio it once again occurred to me that this is my chance to decide upon my name.  So take this opportunity to vote on what I should go by for the next four years.  

The obvious choices are the various adaptations of my given name.  This include, but may not be limited to:


I’ve attempted a couple of these.  I was CJ for a couple months in elementary school, and was Sorensen for a large portion of middle and high school.  My attempt at Christoph last year had mixed results (a small minority continue to stick by the name, but most stayed with Chris.)

Chances are that I will have to stick with whatever I chose until I leave Ohio.  In Provo it would be possible to switch to a whole new set of associates from year to year, but this won’t work in Columbus.  And in case you care to point it out, I did already introduce myself as Chris to many Ohioans, but I am fairly confident that I could still change it at this point.

Song of the moment: “Take It From Me” The Weepies


too_intensified said...

Don't go with Toph or Topher, those are great names but they just don't seem to be you. Christoph? Please no. I think you should go with Christopher, it's more unusual than Chris, though people will no doubt shorten it to Chris on their own.

emily said...

2--CJ, although more acceptable of brought from childhood.

Definite no on Chris (too lazy) and Sorensen (too adolescent boy).

Amy-Alisa said...

My freshman year at college, I tried to go by Alisa in one of my classes, but it failed because I always forgot that that was me when the teacher said it and trying to create a new signature after 18 years is pretty tough. I'm not a fan of initials (CJ) and it seems a little juvenile. What's wrong with Christopher and why didn't I get the memo on Christoph?

Jeanette said...

I say no to the initials... and any "toph" based names (Topher, Toph, whatever). No to Jimmy, as well, that just annoys me or reminds me of Jimmy Stewart, I'm not sure which.
Christoph or Christopher are my preferences, because I like the name Christopher, and no one goes by Christoph so it's different. But it is up to you...

lindsay said...

Hasn't Lily already solved your problem? You could go by Tipher or maybe just Pher.

ellie o said...

I once tried to change my life by changing my hair style. I liked the new look (very short) alot, but it had no effect on my life--I found that I had to work on it in the normal hard ways. (It took a blog of such earthshaking importance to draw me back into the commentary fray).