Monday, July 17, 2006

Failing Bloggist

Oy, this is why you need to write in your journal every day.  Every day that I don’t post something I become more and more reluctant to look back over the last couple weeks and figure out what I’ve been doing with my life.  Grammar-check informs me that the previous sentence was horrendous in some fashion, but I’m not going to bother to change it.

I guess I’ll just hit the basics.  Work is the same as always.  The longer I’m there the easier it gets, the thus the less notable anything becomes.  I think I’m going to like my clinical rotations in med school.  You’re just there long enough to figure out what’s going on and then you’re off.  I suppose I get some satisfaction by becoming the master of my pharmacy domain, but I’d value variety more than extreme competency.  I suppose patients will prefer their doctor be superbly competent than entertained.

I got my financial aid package from OSU on Saturday.  It’s a very strange thing to receive a letter in the mail telling you that you’ve been given a loan for 39 thousand dollars.  I really can’t wrap my head around that number.  But the fact that I need another 20 thousand dollars to make it through my first year is equally incomprehensible to me.  I’m currently investigating how to appropriate these funds.

I’ve had a pretty good variety of social activities of late.  I’ve been playing volleyball a couple times a week with other members of my branch.  It’s not nearly as beneficial for me as my normal gym routine, but I suppose there’s something to be said for socializing.  I continue to prove myself a better spectator than athlete, but I’m pretty sure that I have yet to be the worst person on the court.  But it’s come close.  Combined with Institute, Home Evening and various church activities such as the Hill Cumorah Pageant and SA dances, I have most of my evenings occupied.  

Of special note is that I recently saw my first comedy performance.  I was invited to go see Sky Sands at a local comedy club.  Although the name sounded familiar, I didn’t know who he was.  Half way through the performance I realized that I had heard him perform on the annual Prairie Home Companion Joke Show.  Sadly he told several of the same jokes that he had a decade ago on that program.  This is highly bothersome to me.  If it’s your job to be funny, can’t you come up with new funny things on a somewhat regular basis?  I’ve done about ten minutes of standup before, with moderate success.  Should I be able to go on the road with this ten minutes of material and provide for myself financially for a decade?  Sky was fairly entertaining, but the flaws in his profession bothered me.  The MC and opening act were rather painful.

Sleep beckons.  

Song of the moment: “9 to 5” by Lady Sovereign.  

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