Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fizzy Lifting Drink

It’s been some time since I’ve done a product endorsement so I thought I’d do my part in increasing domestic consumerism.  

I am prone to buying new products.  I think this comes from a desire for variety and an adventuring spirit.  Whatever the cause, I will almost always try the new product over the old, even if it is one that I have previously enjoyed.  I am especially enthused by new sodas, so quickly jumped at the opportunity to buy Pepsi Jazz.  My initial impression is that it has a stupid name.

I tried Strawberries and Cream, though they also have a Black Cherry and French Vanilla flavor.  I probably prefer cherry flavoring over strawberry (though prefer actual strawberries) but my pioneering spirit took over.  After all, I’ve had Wild Cherry Pepsi.  How different will Black Cherry Pepsi be?  So strawberries it was.

The verdict?  It’s fine, good even.  But certainly not amazing.  It very much tastes like you mixed a Strawberry flavor soda (Fanta or Sunkist or whoever makes one) and a Diet Pepsi.  If you like both of those flavors, you’ll like it.  There’s a hint of Cream Soda thrown in, which is a plus for me.  So while I enjoyed the bottle and will probably buy it again, it’s by no means revolutionary.  It’s another permutation of the current soda varieties, not a bold new field in soda making.  When will we see the next scientific leap in carbonation?  I eagerly await it.

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