Monday, July 25, 2011

The time of your life when I rank things

In case you missed it, because you were living your life, Amy Winehouse finished living hers this weekend.

My facebook status said "RIP Winehouse. You were interesting." I realize the astounding levels of coolness displayed by quoting my own facebook status in case you were thinking that yourself. However I feel like that is actually the distillation of what I feel/felt about Ms Winehouse.

I hope she finds some peace, and I do think she was interesting. If I knew her personally this would be more tragic, but I didn't and my long distance empathy is pretty limited. As a potentially future addiction psychiatristI could take an opportunity to step onto the soapbox about the dangers of addiction, but I'm not going to. I could point out the dramatic structure of someone who's first US hit proclaimed "They tried to make me go to rehab and I said no" dying of an overdose 5 years later, but I think I already have.

Amy Winehouse was unique, and I value that. She wrote much of her own music, and I value that. She was very open and truthful about her life and who she was, and I value that. She was flawed, and made a lot of mistakes, but she seemed like a genuine person, which so many people don't.

So, RIP Winehouse. You were interesting. Here are my 5 favorite Winehouse tracks.

5. Rehab. Her breakout for a reason.

4. Stronger. Not remotely PC. I hate PC.

3. Valerie. A fantastic track, not from either of her albums.

2. Tears Dry On Their Own. She didn't do a lot of chipper songs.

1. You Know I'm No Good. True in some ways, not in others.

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anna. said...

i love amy winehouse. is that weird? i thought she was really cool, in a never-want-to-be-quite-like-her sort of way. RIP.