Thursday, July 07, 2011

My So-Called Life

A friend threatened that he'd call me so we can catch up if I didn't blog about my actual life more often rather than pop culture fluff. So, here's some stuff.

I've been in Arizona for a year. The other day I was running some errands and realized that I was doing so at noon. When I first got here I'd make sure that anything that would require leaving the house would be done in the early morning or evening. A year later it didn't even occur to me to avoid the 117 degree middle section of the day. So, I guess I'm acclimated.

I still haven't hiked, which clearly shows that I'm not an Arizonan. Hiking may be the only qualification on the Arizona citizenship exam. So really, I don't know what all this immigration hubbub is about.

I had my first call the other night training the new interns. The good news is that I know a lot more than the interns. This is also the bad news. Training caused what may have been 10 hours of work to grow to 20. Until 2 AM I think I was a pretty exemplary teacher. After 2 AM I started losing the drive to educate. I'll be training for most of the month of July, and I think this may be a very long month.

In the olden days, ie 2010, the change from Intern to Resident was a joyous occasion. Gone are the frequent calls. Gone is being lowest of the low, with no perks, benefits or seniority. Now, not so much. I'll be doing approximately the same number of calls this year. But whereas the majority were Friday, Saturday and Sunday last year, they should be primarily weekdays this year. So socializing may be making a comeback. And I'm done with the Emergency Department and Pulmonary Clinic and titrating insulin scales. From here on out it should be much more psychiatry based, which will be a welcome change.

Socializing though, likely needs more than just an infusion of free time. The number of new people I've met in the last 6 months has dropped precipitously from the previous 6. I think I've gotten so bad that a couple friends have taken to playing Haaaave you met Ted? for me. So along with upping my time socializing, I definitely need to up my effort.

I've started studying for Step 3. There's nothing interesting about my studying for Step 3.

While studying commences, my latest movie will go on hold. But to be honest, it's been almost entirely on hold for the last 9 months, so this isn't much of a change. My travel memoir from Thailand will also be on hold, potentially indefinitely. But to compensate, I'm going to start posting pictures in the next couple days. I've narrowed it down to my favorite thousand images. My narrowing skills need work.

Until next time.

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