Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reader's Digest

I sometimes use my blog as a social shortcut. Someone says to me “What’s been going on?” and I say “read my blog.” Those three words are much easier than giving a synopsis of the many aspects of my life. However, people rightfully respond “You just talk about Lady Gaga.” I don’t JUST talk about Lady Gaga, though my posts about her remain my highest viewed to this day. So if you’re googling randomly:


Sorry, just trying to get some extra traffic.

But they are correct; I don’t talk about my life so much as I talk about my interests. But this is how I am in real life. I’m ok with the standard “How was your day. Good, how about yours” rigmarole, but I’m not too excited by it. I expect that if you had a really interesting anecdote about finding a finger at work or seeing David Bowie at the mall you’re going to tell me. Those stories are exciting and are going to get told.

The story about how I had to come to work today, and then I finished my work and I went home. I watched Mad Men on the elliptical machine, read about SSRIs and fb chatted for an hour. Well that story doesn’t really need to be told. And that’s what I did on Wednesday.

But, for those of you who want my blog to be about me, here are some things that have been going on:

At work I just finished a rotation in Mesa, now I’ll be in Phoenix for the next 2.5 months. I’m dreading the traffic, excited for some new co-workers and expecting to have less free time.

At church I’m teaching Sunday School. It’s Isaiah, so that’s going as well as can be expected. I teach about every 2 weeks which is more than I’m used to, but has improved my scripture study.

At socializing I’m having a hard time balancing my time. There are too many things going on between work people, church people I do know and church people I need to get to know. But it’s better than the alternative.

At dating, I’m having more success at accomplishing my mission president’s goal of a date a week for life. I’m a couple years behind from my time in Ohio.

At being creative, I’m working on 2 projects. One is a screenplay about a couple that’s engaged and half their friends are trying to split them up and the other half is trying to keep them together. Also it has spies. My other project is trying to figure out how to make my own talk show in the style of Between Two Ferns.

At work but not part of work, I’m trying to redesign our call schedule to incorporate a night float system.

At being a good roommate I’m not doing it.

At being a world traveler I’m trying to commit to either a trip to Thailand or Croatia.

At being a music snob I’m going to Gorillaz next week and paid more than I ever have before for tickets.

At not dying before I’m 60 I have been going to the gym more.

At wasting my time I have figured out a way to mooch Netflix On Demand.

At not wasting my time I have refused to watch any new television shows this year.

At fulfilling my New Year’s Resolution that I just now made, I’m going to win Team Trivia some time this year. I may feel ok about holding this resolution over until next year since I just made it in the middle of October.


Amy-Alisa said...

On the contrary, I find it very interesting that you watched Mad Men on the elliptical machine. But I find just about most minutiae that my friends and family are involved in interesting since my life is all about minutiae.

Anonymous said...

Really? Fake people command a bigger ticket price than real ones?