Friday, October 01, 2010

Quote Camping Unquote

My blogging was pretty intermittent the last couple weeks, but this was primarily because I was out doing things. I find it acceptable not to blog when I replace the blogging with living.

2 weekends ago I went camping for the first time in a number of years. And let me tell you, it was a pretty awesome camping trip. And let me tell you, it really wasn't camping.

A sizable chunk of the weekend was driving since the campsite was in Show Low. Why did we need to drive 3.5 hours away to go camping? I don't know. But it did allow us to be cold, something that is difficult to do in Phoenix. So that means we were in the car for 7 hours out of approximately 24, which is not a terribly good commute to activity ratio. But I made the best of it by creating a 90s playlist. I figured people wouldn't want to jam out to my latest indie/Euro/techno/folk stylings, but instead would want to revert to some comfort music of their youth. I will not disclose how much time I spent creating this playlist. I will disclose that it was chock full of cheesy 90s goodness like Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, Chumbawumba, Alanis, Coolio, Nirvana, Aqua etc. I actually forgot Aqua (blasphemy!) but added them to the list after I got home. It was a 7 hour playlist, which was really necessary to define a decade of music.

So roughly 1/3 of the camping trip consisted of singing along/loving/mocking the 90s. Approximately another 1/3 consisted of playing cards. Phase 10, Scum, BS etc. Some people go camping to enjoy nature, I really go to play cards. Thankfully I was always able to find like-minded individuals.

The remaining 1/3 consisted of chit-chatting. I really don't know how to successfully blog about chit-chatting, so I won't try.

I spent approximately 15 seconds setting up and taking down my tent. This was done by sleeping in the car. To be fair, I actually kind of like setting up tents. But I hate taking down tents, so in order to avoid that I slept in my car. As we all know, my car is in my top 10 places that I like to sleep, so that works out pretty well. Unfortunately, it did get down to 50 degrees and my Arizona-adjusted body didn't handle that terribly well. But apart from that, it was a good night's sleep.

So I didn't set up a tent. I ate Wendys for dinner. I did enjoy a campfire, but did zero work in setting it up or keeping it going. I didn't tell ghost stories. I didn't hike. I didn't swim. In short, I didn't really camp. Which is really what made it a good campout.

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