Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is the place. Again

One trick to blogging every day: short posts. None of these full stories or complete thoughts I’ve been wasting my time with. I even ended that sentence with with, and I’m not going to change it.

I’m heading back to Utah for the first time since I graduated, many moons ago. I’ll be in Provo, Salt Lake, maybe a little Heber. I’ll be there from Friday to Tuesday. Let me know if you will be too.

What should I do? I have my favorite haunts that I’ll visit. Plus I’ll try to pick up girls in periodicals. Maybe I’ll wear my scrubs for the whole trip to emphasize my many degrees that permit me to wear pajamas to work.

But I also figure I should try some things I never tried before. Like I never went to Tucanos. I never actually went to the Salt Lake. I never went to Sundance.

Let me know. Awesome things you did. Awesome things you should’ve done. Most of my friends are married (so unvisitable) so I’ll have plenty of time to fill while I’m up there.

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Eric said...

I will be in Utah during this time, despite being in New York only a few days ago. Feel free to visit me at my lavish townhouse residence. We even have an HD TV, the first I have ever encountered for any length of time.