Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blogging like it's my Job

A friend told me that a successful blog needs posts nearly every day. Clearly, my blog is destined for failure.

I only made it about a third of the way through my lesson today, so I considered posting the inspiring latter 2/3 of the life of Job here. But I don't think anyone would read it, so I'm keeping my pearls to myself.

Instead I'll report the statistics from our Name That Tune game. I didn't have a stop watch, but by my keen sense of timing, this is the order of how quickly they were recognized:

Saved by the Bell (only the bell was required to identify)
Seinfeld (perhaps the most universally recognized)
Gilligan's Island
Fresh Prince
Ducktales (one false guess of Tale Spin)
Full House
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Batman (This should have been #1. It started with "To the Batmobile!)
Man of Constant Sorrow
Praise to the Man
Walker, Texas Ranger
The Final Countdown
You All Everybody (Driveshaft from Lost)
2 ducks talking about Meet the Parents
Spiderman (70s version. Way hard.)
David the Gnome

Surprisingly, the only one that wasn't answered correctly was David the Gnome. Praise to the Man would have been higher but there was some confusion in naming it.

I'm sure you're having a hard time relating this back to Job. Pretty much the whole lesson would be that way, hence me not posting it. But you should come to my next one.


Loving this adventure called life said...

Hey! I just read the comment you made on my blog...a long time ago. Clearly my blog is not destined for success either as I only write every 2 weeks haha! I wanted to compliment your blog but seeing as you don't like compliments I will remain mum! Am taking all suggestions for the inspired bond fund/cubicle musical! Cheers =)

Amy-Alisa said...

Chris, I think you've mentioned it before, but just remember, the movies that we knew and loved as children were not necessarily the most common. David the Gnome. Where in the recesses of your memory did you pull that from? I totally still remembered the words.

caitlin said...

Man, this blog made me wish you were still teaching in Sunday school in Columbus. I always enjoyed your lessons.