Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recipe for Success

Take one part awesome


Add one part awesome

Kristen Bell

Voila : Double Awesomeness

It’s a bizarre video, to be sure. But encouraging. If Kristen can love that living meatball, she can love me.

The time of the week when I rank the collective works of Kristen Bell

1. Veronica Mars – For something shown on UPN/CW/lamest-channel-ever this was actually pretty great. Heartily recommended to everyone.
2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – My favorite of the Apatow oeuvre.
3. Assassin’s Creed II – A videogame. True story: I spent 40 dollars to hear Kristen Bell’s voice in a video game. Also true story: this game was wicked awesome.
4. Party Down – A hilarious series, so accordingly it has been canceled. Kristen appears in a couple episodes and kills (figuratively.)
5. Deadwood – Another sad story, I watched an entire season of the show to see the one episode in which she appears. However, it was an entertaining season.
6. Fanboys – Kind of funny, but greatly hindered in that I hate Star Wars.
7. Pulse – Pretty bad horror movie.
8. Couples Retreat – Pretty bad romantic comedy. Notice that horror trumps romantic comedy.
9. When in Rome – Even worse romantic comedy.
10. Heroes – sadly Kristen shows up at the same time the show became unwatchable.
11. Gossip Girl – I watched 2 episodes to hear Kristen narrate. It was a mistake.

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anna. said...

every time you talk about kristen bell, i always you are talking about kristen stewart (the twilight girl) and i get confused. now i remember who ms. bell is though. good to see that you're not a closet twilight geek or something.