Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summertime, and the living's easy

Recently Lost ended, I became a professional television watcher and it became hot outside. Because of these 3 things, it seems like a good time to provide some summer time television recommendations.

1. If you can handle blood, summer is the time for Dexter and True Blood. I’m a season behind True Blood, but the first season was entertaining. Dexter is always excellent, if you enjoy watching a sociopath at work. I do.

2. If you can’t handle blood, Burn Notice is a fun romp. Well, there may be some blood, but significantly less. Every episode makes me want to move to Miami, but the feeling dissipates when the episode ends.

3. If you want to feel the heat, watch Breaking Bad. It’s so good. Every episode makes you feel like you’re living in New Mexico, and run a meth lab.

4. Futurama is starting again! I’m keeping my expectations low, but even with low expectations I’m still looking forward to it. This show is way cleverer than you’d think it is.

5. Random comedy to pick up on DVD: Big Bang Theory. This one is interesting because it’s a stupid show about smart people, done very well. That is to say, it’s about geniuses, but the format is VERY sitcomy. You’ll be able to predict half the punchlines and all the plot “twists.” But you can predict these outcomes because they’re very faithful in their portrayal of characters. You know what Sheldon would say in the situation, and then he does in fact say it. But it’s still great because Sheldon is great. The rest of the cast is enjoyable as well, but they’re no Sheldon.

6. Random drama to pick up on DVD: Supernatural. This ain’t Lost. But, it’s got a fun soundtrack, surprisingly good special effects, and likable characters. Except Sam, who I keep hoping will fall off a cliff. If you’ve already watched the X-Files, Buffy and Fringe(which are all better and cover similar ground) you can take a break from good television and watch some fun television with Supernatural.

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