Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Stranded in Hermanus

I'm stuck in a resort town. Of course I realize that there are many worse places to be stranded. A ghost town. A haunted ghost town. Columbus. But stranded is never fun, regardless of the location.

Friday night we decided we'd take the bus from Hermanus to Durban, so that meant we had to stay until Sunday. That was fine. It was a resort town. We'd been vacationing pretty hard, so we'd slow it down a bit. This morning we were ready to board the bus when we discovered the hostel hadn't called the bus to tell it to stop, as they'd said they would. Aggravating. And the bus was full for Monday. More aggravating. And the bus company wouldn't refund our money. Further aggravation.

It takes a certain kind of person to live the backpacker lifestyle. You have to accept that in return for freedom and low prices, you get a great deal of uncertainty. That uncertainty would be easier to take if we were taking a year or two off to travel (I don't really understand how these people do it) but when that uncertainty steals away 2 out of 12 days, it stings a bit.

Tomorrow we'll rent a car (none were available today) and continue on our way. Next stop: Wilderness. When we get stranded at Hermanus I'm a little apprehensive with how we'll do in Wilderness, but that's part of the adventure I suppose. Today we'll just have to deal with the hardships of hiking the peaks, strolling the beach and mingling with other uncertain travelers.

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esodhiambo said...

Driving yourselves should prove an adventure in and of itself. Good luck.