Friday, February 26, 2010

Africa Chronicles: Moses, Mo and the Stables

Because shopping is difficult to work into our schedule, and we all want useless trinkets, we're always on the lookout for night shopping. And sometimes we find it. There was a 24 hour market in St. Lucia, kind of like a 7-11. Here in Durban we heard of this evening market at a place called The Stables, located on Jacko Jackson road. We decided it was a worth investigating.

On the way we hit up Moses Mabhida stadium again. We'd been inside for the soccer game, but they have a cable car that runs up to the roof of the stadium during the day. For a reasonable price you're able to stand on top of the building, looking out over the city. It was a nice day so we just looked out at Durban for a half hour or so.

The Stables themselves were nothing terribly remarkable. The most interesting element was how random the different booths were. Exotic pets, wedding novelties, second hand clothing, antiques, computer supplies, everything you could possibly fit in a former stable. I spent some time haggling over some knock-off World Cup jerseys, but was unable to barter them down to my prefered cost.

After the market the night was young, and I was tired of my host family's cooking, so we went out to eat. We'd heard rave reviews of Mo's Noodles from the residents at work, so decided to try it out. I mention the name because if you're in Durban, you should go to Mo's Noodles. My pecan chicken with coconut noodles was one of the best things I've eaten in the last month. I've always been a Thai fan so I'm biased, but it was terrific. I'm kind of calamari'd out after all the seafood I've had, but their calamari was probably the best I've ever had. And the only decoration in the restaurant is a Bruce Lee quote on the wall, which is pretty awesome.

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