Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Sucks Seven

Despite being only 28 days long, February has a number of my favorite holidays. We'd discussed Groundhog's Day briefly, but honestly we didn't do much for it. I missed Mardi Gras entirely. And being away from my disgruntled masses, I wasn't able to do much for Love Sucks Seven either.

We started our Valentine's Day by going on a tour of a local township. A township, at least to South African's, refers to an area where blacks were moved to during apartheid. A cheery way to start the day. “Here's about the most physical manifestation of racism that we can come up with. Plus, here are some orphans with AIDS. Plus we're going to make you learn Zulu this morning.” It was actually a good tour, though I think the guide's speech was pretty fraught with inaccuracies. They were primarily amusing inaccuracies and certainly not anything that changed the significance of the sites we visited.

After we hit up a craft market, which has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. It just happened on Valentine's Day.

After that we went up to the SunCoast Casino. The only real significance of this relating to Love Sucks Day is that it was packed full of couples. Interestingly, there were a ton of Indians. Although there have been a fair number of Indians all over Durban, they suddenly jumped from 30% to 80%. Do Indians have a gambling problem? I'll leave you to decide. One thing not in doubt though is that there were a ton of uber-beautiful Indian girls there. I suddenly developed Curry Fever. I blame that on Valentine's Day. And on the beautiful Indian girls.

We didn't end up doing that much in the casino. The blackjack tables were pretty full and that is about all I like doing at casinos. But we went up to the casino much more to eat than gamble and had a fantastic linner at a place called Havanas. It was a seriously great meal. It certainly would've been more romantic had it been with a smitten young lady rather than Bryce and Jenny (who has a boyfriend back in Maine), but the non-Valentine nature of our Valentine's dinner didn't diminish the quality. I got to add ostrich to my Animals I've Eaten List (I'd added warthog the day before) had some great lamb and pina colada cheesecake.

So, I'm sad that I didn't get to add another year to my Love Sucks record. But on the plus side, if I actually have a girlfriend next February I won't have the moral dilemma of whether to go out with her or throw Love Sucks 8. It will be whether to take her out or throw Re-Love Sucks 1.

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