Monday, February 22, 2010

African Chronicles: Doing Robin Sparkles Proud

The largest mall in Durban is The Gateway. How big is it? I don't have a punchline or number to back that statement up. But bigger than any of the other malls we've been to. And big enough to have the world's tallest rock climbing wall. And since America invented the mall, we felt the need to visit. Strangely enough our trip was the 3 males of the group. The 5 females decided they didn't need to shop. Stereotype shattered.

This will be quite the short post, as the mall was in fact a mall. The climbing wall was very tall, but we didn't have time to scale it. The artificial surfing station was kind of fascinating. They've somehow created some permanent waves for people to surf on. At the mall. Technology!

The rest of the mall consisted of stores. I was on the prowl for my normal curios, as well as a particular ZA Worldcup jersey. I didn't find much of either. My companions fared similarly.

Before leaving I decided to hit up McDonalds, just for America's sake. I'd had a chicken wrap at a Mickey Ds in Capetown, but otherwise haven't had any food from an American establishment since arriving. Since I'd be leaving soon, I suspected this would be my last chance. And since they had 2 menu items unique to ZA, I had to try them. The Chicken Foldover was like a chicken gyro, and was quite tasty, but messy. And the Cornetto McFlurry was delicious, but you have to wonder if it even counts as an innovation. Cornettos are the British equivalent of Drumsticks, so I had an ice cream flavored ice cream. But it was good so I'm not complaining.

Let's Go To The Mall! Today.

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