Saturday, June 13, 2009

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

Futurama, how we've missed thee.

In case you missed it, because, you know, you don't care, Futurama was renewed for another 26 episodes. It's been a long hard road for the show. Canceled a couple times, 3 different television networks, some great and some mediocre DVD movies. But it lives to amuse me another day.

I can't say that Futurama is my favorite show, but it holds a special place in my television canon. Other shows have made me laugh harder, but Futurama is special. Each show has it's own flavor of comedy. Wacky, witty, sarcastic, crude, sophisticated, absurd, dry, dark, visual, verbal. Futurama, perhaps better than any other show I can think of, mixed all genres. It continually hit you with something different.

That's all the fan-boy praise I'm going to spout. I happened to catch the episode The Deep South last week over dinner, and it may be my favorite. Here's a clip of Donovan telling the future history of Atlanta: Hail Atlanta. Below is the entire episode, though it runs too slowly on my computer to be worth watching. Maybe it will work on yours, and maybe you'll think it's fantastic.

The Deep South, on some Russian pirate website.

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