Wednesday, June 03, 2009

not quite posts

I heard the surgeoniest thing today.

We were having a discussion with a patient. My surgeon says “I don’t need to hear anything else.” And he turns around and leaves the room.

The patient wasn’t mid-sentence, but he was most definitely mid-paragraph. Admittedly, a very annoying paragraph. A nonproductive paragraph. But still.


On an unrelated note, I haven’t used conditioner for a month. The experiment continues.


On a further unrelated note, I knocked 3 restaurants off the Columbi List last week. I need to slow down; I’ll have to move and start over.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a Dr. House thing to do. Leaving like that.

esodhiambo said...

Oh man--that story about the surgeon makes me mad!

Erin said...

Do a lot of guys usually use conditioner? Seems to me that with shorter hair (as most guys have) it wouldn't be as important (I think of it mostly as a detangling aid).

Ranteumptom said...

I normally use a shampoo/conditioner. But since the shampoo/non-conditioner was on sale, my hand was forced.