Saturday, June 06, 2009

TED, better off

I discovered this site, called TED: Ideas Worth Spreading. Why they don't call it IWS, I don't know, and suppose I never will.
(I actually do know now. It turns out it stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. That doesn't really make it seem any better.)

Normally when I don't want to study I have a very limited list of things I can do on my computer before starting. These include:

Checking up to 4 email accounts
Checking Facebook
Reading my Google Reader
Checking my Google Analytics
Writing a quick blog entry
Playing Spider Solitaire
Playing Ninja Ropes
Reading FoxNews
Reading CNN
Reading FoxNews again, to get the taste of CNN out of my mouth
Checking for awesome free stuff on Craigslist

Not necessarily in that order.

Now I have TED. TED gives me little bite-size portions of culture. It's like an ADHD lecture series.

Here's one by John Hodgman, who can do no wrong. Love and aliens, two great tastes that go great together. Admittedly, this one veers more into the entertainment side of things than the cultural, but it's my good pal John so I had to give him a shout-out.

Anyway, TED. It'll provide you with topics to discuss with your loved ones over dinner. Or provide you something to stare at during dinner.

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esodhiambo said...

TED has great stuff. If Youtube is like TV, and blogging like tabloids, I think TED is like the New Yorker, or certain (interesting) sections of the Washington Post.