Sunday, May 17, 2009

Profile Pic Project

I'm in need of a new profile picture for my facebook.

I have this one up temporarily:

Funny, true, but not actually of me.

People have noted in the past that there are no pictures of me on this blog, primarily because I don't like pictures of myself. It's the Native American/Vampire/Witness Protectee in me. Over the next while I'm going to post some of my favorite profile pictures from the past, primarily so it looks like I'm updating my blog more often than I am. Let me know if any of them seem particularly ingenious, or spark an idea for a new profile picture. My facebook would appreciate it.


Michelle! said...

I like my squirrels to be supernally intelligent, doesn't make sense...but hey it's actually a word!

Ranteumptom said...

Are you implying that preternaturally is not a word?

Only apostles are allowed to use supernally. Congratulations, I wasn't aware that you'd been promoted from Sunday School teacher to apostle.