Saturday, May 16, 2009


My nephew wanted pictures of Transformers, so here are some Transformers who will not appear in Transformers 2, should not appear in Transformers 2, but are awesome nonetheless.

1. Astrotrain

At first the Transformers were simple. A robot that turns into a car/plane/blender whatever. But to sell more toys they got more and more complex, until you had tiny ones and giant ones and robots whose heads were other robots and looked like animals etc etc. Astrotrain started all this. He was a robot who turned into a space shuttle AND changed into a train. Yeah, the train is pretty ridiculous, hence the comic.

2. Grimlock

That's not a picture I found on the internet. I was there. I saw Grimlock, "in person." Grimlock changes into a dinosaur, which is obviously cooler than turning into a Camaro. And while it would be great to see him in a movie, it would be pretty silly, even for Michael Bay.

3. Laserbeak

Laserbeak is a cassette tape (that's probably not making the cut into a movie) who turns into a hawk. He's awesome.

4. Unicron

He's a robot that turns into a planet. Also, just a titch too ridiculous for a feature film. Except he is voiced by Leonard Nimoy, and it would be nice for him to appear in more than one movie a decade.

5. The Real Starscream

That jet from the first movie was fine, but he wasn't Starscream, the coolest of all transformers. He's got a great voice, he is always trying to betray Megatron, he even made himself a crown once. Also he can become a ghost (a robot ghost?) and time travel. Yeah. You don't mess with Starscream.


Amy-Alisa said...

Thanks Uncle Chris, Luke thought the Transformers were "A little bit weird, but a little bit cool." I'd take that as a positive.

Ranteumptom said...

Like I said, these guys aren't appearing in the movies any time soon. The weird ones are the best ones.