Monday, May 25, 2009

Maximum Nerdage

I had no intention of doing so, but I ended up watching Terminator Salvation, Star Trek and Fanboys this weekend. If only I could’ve worked some Dungeons and Dragons in there somewhere.

Star Trek isn’t as good as you’ve heard. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty good, and I had a good time. The casting is perfect, it’s funny, the action is good; they did almost everything right to get the series rebooted. It’s just that the rebooting seemed to take the whole movie, leaving little room for a story. And that’s fine I guess. The story they had was so riddled with plot wholes I probably wouldn’t want too much more of it. I’m being negative, but it was a fun movie and worth seeing for Simon Pegg alone.

Terminator Salvation suffered from even more plot holes than Trek. And the cast wasn’t as good. But the action was pretty amazing. The homages to previous Terminator films was a mixed bag. On the one hand they were fun, on the other they reminded me how much better T1 and T2 were. James Cameron needs to get that Avatar movie done so he can make another Terminator (which he’s never ever going to do, not to get your hopes up. I’d rather have him make The Abyss 2.)

Fanboys is worth seeing because it has Kristen Bell in it. Otherwise, I thought it was just alright. I think I’d like it a lot more if I liked Star Wars, which, blasphemously, I don’t. It’s just never done it for me. Mostly because everyone else likes it, but also because I hate Mark Hamill. In any case, I don’t like Star Wars, so a movie glorifying it is obviously going to be a tough sell. But it was relatively well done, with a ridiculous number of cameos, and some quality nerd parody. And Kristen Bell.

I’ll watch something classy next weekend.

(I learned a new acronym today. That's productive I guess.)

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